Creating The Culture At Tier 1 Consulting: Kanika’s Story

If there’s one thing we do exceptionally well here at Tier 1 Consulting in Denver, its promote unity through our diversity! Complete with individuals from different countries, ethnicities, religions, and personalities, our team serves as a melting pot where entrepreneurs can use their unique differences to progress in business and in our organization. At the heart of promoting inclusion and celebrating the beauty of our different backgrounds and skills is our Human Resources Manager, Kanika Ung, featured team member of the month!

Born in Cambodia, Kanika spent her first years with her grandmother as her parents moved to America to lay roots for their family’s new life. She joined her parents in New York at the age of 3 and they migrated to Hawaii in search of a permanent home. They found that in Oahu — Kanika’s home for the next 15+ years.

Growing up very traditionally in Cambodian ways, Kanika’s childhood and teenage years revolved around khmer classical dance, an ancient art form that honored her culture and people’s history. For a decade, Kanika both danced and taught the style to younger children. She learned how to navigate being a leader with eastern roots growing up in western civilization and sought to blend values from both Cambodian & American cultures to create her best self.

With a passion for people and culture, Kanika attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa to study psychology. During her schooling, she worked at the Boys & Girls Club for 2 years, serving as a mentor and program director for kids. She also became engaged her senior year and spent her last year of school mastering her degree, work, and planning a wedding — no easy feat but one she did with grace! After her graduation in May 2017 and wedding in August, Kanika and husband, Kenny, decided to get off the island and move to Denver. It was there she fortuitously saw Tier 1 Consulting Denver hiring online for an Account Manager position.

Starting first with our company in a sales role, Kanika fell in love with the team and environment and was quickly invited to transition to our Human Resources team. Her gift of making people feel both comfortable and special, coupled with her superlative communication skills, allowed her to excel in her new role and recruit some of Denver’s best talent. Learning quickly that what makes our company unique is individualness, Kanika works to scout a wide range of backgrounds to our firm.

Her advice to those starting with the company is to come in with an open mind and be ready to give it everything you’ve got. “Be ready to learn and grown and develop and strengthen the skills that make you great and you’ll do well here at Tier 1 Consulting.”

With goals of helping the team develop themselves professionally, become a mom, a social media manager, and do non-profit work in Cambodia, Kanika has huge aspirations and an even bigger drive to succeed. Her addition to our team has been tremendous and with the open-mindedness and genuine love she brings for people, we see nothing but the stars for this young woman. Kanika, congrats on being this month’s featured team member. Keep up the tremendous work!




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