Open since June 5th, 2017, Tier 1 Consulting is an elite sales and marketing firm that partners with top telecommunications, cable, and satellite firms. We specialize in face-to-face direct marketing, done in a retail setting, to help expand our client’s brand recognition and market reach. Although we are are a new firm in Denver, our CEO, Cole Branch, has years of experience working with a top sales firm based in Atlanta. Adopting training methods and sales systems from his previous employer, Cole expanded and opened Tier 1 Consulting in Denver, Colorado, with further plans to expand into an additional 2 offices in 2018.

Training at Tier 1 Consulting starts basic and becomes more complex. We believe complacency breeds negativity and try to avoid that as much as possible. To motivate our team to work hard and constantly advance themselves, we make sure our firm’s growth is connected to their success and that promotions are defined and based on merit. We promote from within and give each employee the same opportunity to reach a promotion as everyone else. Furthermore, we connect their ability to reach promotions to their ability train and develop others. Why? A leader is only as good as his/her ability to teach, empower, and inspire others. A manager cannot run a wildly successful office if their people are dependent on them. The difference between a leader and a manager is something we talk about often

At Tier 1 Consulting we commit to training our team in all areas of sales, marketing, personal and business development so they can add value both to the firm and to the community. Our commitment to excellence and making a difference gives our clients trust in our ability to represent their brand. We work with intensity and integrity, always seeking to find the right customers.

Over the next year, our goals are all about expansion. To do this we vow to keep a strong student mentality, have a positive and solution-oriented mindset, and work with intent. Everything we do will align with our big picture goal. For our clients, we commit to exceeding expectations; for our team, we commit to offering long term career advancement opportunities. Tier 1 Consulting, while new to Denver, is excited and confident in our ability to make a huge difference and mark on our community and tackle our goals!

To learn more about Tier 1 Consulting visit our website at tier1consultingdenver.com or tweet us @tier1cnslting!